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An unplanned pregnancy can leave you with many questions, especially if you have been pregnant before and had an abortion. You may want to choose another option this time but are unsure of the pregnancy decisions available to you. 

Your partner may also be pressuring you into having an abortion. Remember that this is your pregnancy decision, and you alone can make that choice. Forcing someone to have an abortion is against the law. 

Speaking with your local pregnancy center can help lessen your fears and ensure you receive accurate information on your two options: adoption and parenting.

Is Adoption as Hard as They Say It Is?

You may have heard about adoption before; not everything might have been positive. People often talk about its difficulties, including the emotional toll it can have on birth parents. While it’s true that adoption is not an easy decision, it can still be a rewarding one. 

Women choose adoption for many reasons. Some feel unprepared to care for a child, while others do not have stable living conditions to be a parent. Whatever your reason may be, it is valid. And knowing that the child is part of a loving, supportive family may provide the peace you seek. 

There are multiple adoption plans available today, and one of them might suit your lifestyle best:

  • Open adoption: The most common open adoption plan allows you to form a relationship with the child and adoptive family. You can choose their parents and have regular contact through letters, phone calls, or visits.
  • Semi-open adoption: This plan allows communication with the adoptive family but is carried out via a third party like an adoption agency or attorney. 
  • Closed adoption: A closed adoption is the most private plan. It allows you to remain anonymous, and your personal information is protected. No communication occurs with the adoptive family. 

Options Women’s Care Center can refer you to area adoption organizations and provide information on how you can obtain financial and material assistance. 

Would I Be a Good Parent?

Let’s face it: parenting can sound complicated. It certainly comes with challenges, and raising a child is a big responsibility. But you may be a better parent than you think with the proper support. 

Think about what you would need to be a successful parent. Are you financially stable? Do you have a robust support system? Sometimes, parenting obstacles, from housing issues to food insecurity, can get in the way of parenting. There are resources you can use to get back on your feed and parent your child well.

Options Women’s Care Center refers to Muskegon Pregnancy Services, which offers educational resources to expectant mothers and fathers. We can also provide referrals for insurance, housing assistance, and professional counseling. You may wish to parent but are unsure where to begin. This is normal, and we’re here for you every step of the way.

Free, Confidential Help

We offer various pregnancy services, including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and referrals. You won’t need to worry about payment; financial stress should be the least of your worries.

Our center can also help you know your rights during this pregnancy. If your partner is pressuring you and they are abusive, know you deserve protection. Contact the National Domestic Hotline for 24/7 support. We would also be happy to provide helpful resources to help you find a safe environment. 

Contact us today to learn more. We are here for you.

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