No-Cost and Confidential Women's Center

Our services are entirely confidential and offered at no cost to you. Let us help you with pregnancy and STI testing, ultrasound, and community referrals and resources. We’re here for you.

Pregnancy Testing

At-home pregnancy tests are reliable, but different tests are more sensitive than others. Our no-cost pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate and detect the hCG pregnancy hormone. Get results you can trust. Schedule an appointment.

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There is so much more to know about your pregnancy than a positive result on a pregnancy test. Only an ultrasound can give you the information you need. Ultrasound reveals the location of your pregnancy, if your pregnancy is viable, and how long you've been pregnant. Get as much information as possible and choose your next step confidently.

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STI Testing

You do not have to show symptoms to be contagious with an STI (sexually transmitted infection). You can spread the disease at any time, and not all infected people have signs or symptoms. We provide no-cost STI testing for women for chlamydia and gonorrhea. It's important to know your status before having an abortion.

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We care about every aspect of your life, not just your unplanned pregnancy. Lives are complicated, and we all have pain and hurt. If you regret starting the abortion pill procedure, need parenting tips, or need deep healing from a previous abortion, we have resources and comfort for you. You don't have to live this life alone and unsupported. We are here for you.

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