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Why Not Consider Making An Adoption Plan?

Before you got pregnant, you were looking forward to pursuing your goals, living independently, and having freedom while planning for children later. Now, all that seems impossible.

Every one of your choices is difficult, but taking a closer look at them will make it easier to choose. Don’t rule out making an adoption plan for your child.

We know it is a difficult choice to bring a baby into the world and place them with another family.

Choosing adoption requires a great deal of sacrifice, love, and support. We will be there for you.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is a lifelong family relationship between adoptive parents and a child. It’s a permanent and legal transfer of all parental rights from birth parents or legal guardians to adoptive parents.

Depending on the plan, adoption allows you to know your child without the day-to-day responsibilities of parenting. You can pursue your goals, live freely, and plan for your future while building a new relationship with your child.

Types Of Adoption

There are three different types of adoption. As the birth mother, you choose the best adoption plan for you.

Open Adoption

An open plan means you and the adoptive couple you choose agree to communicate with one another. You share identifying information such as full names, addresses, or phone numbers.

Your focus is on the welfare and happiness of your child. Open adoption gives you the chance to know your child, answer their questions, and tell them why you made this choice. It gives your child the opportunity to learn about their heritage, feel connected, and not have lingering questions.

Closed Adoption

Some women feel it is best for themselves and their child to remain anonymous. Whether they’re in an unsafe living situation or feel it is easier to move on with their lives, some women choose a closed plan.

A closed plan means the courts seal all records for privacy. No identifying information is shared, and you would have no contact with the adoptive family or your child.

Semi-Open Adoption

If you want more privacy, but would also like contact with the adoptive family, choose a semi-open plan. You communicate with one another through a third party, such as your adoption agency or lawyer.

As you become more comfortable, you can move into an open plan and exchange more information.

Where To Begin

Begin by coming to Options Women’s Care Center to verify your pregnancy and due date. We can provide referrals to reputable local adoption agencies.

By talking with us or with an adoption specialist, you’re not committing to adoption. You want to know how the agency can help you with counseling, possible living expenses, and finding the perfect match for parenting your child.

We are not an adoption agency, but we do refer to area adoption organizations.

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