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When women consider abortion, they often wonder what physical side effects may result. While it’s crucial to understand the physical side effects and risks of the different abortion procedures, women also deserve to know that there are mental health implications associated with abortion. 

How May I Feel After an Abortion?

There is no specific way to feel after an abortion procedure. Some women may feel relief. But others struggle to cope days, months, and even years after having had the abortion. There isn’t one right or wrong way to feel, especially since each woman’s situation is different. 

Women may experience feelings of loss, sadness, grief, or even depression following the procedure. They might struggle to get through the day and engage in basic tasks. These feelings can range from mild to debilitating. 

Certain situations and factors can influence a woman’s reaction to her abortion, including:

  • Her personal religious and cultural beliefs
  • Preexisting conditions like depression
  • Outside pressure to abort

What is PASS?

Believe it or not, the collection of emotional effects of abortion has a name: post-abortion stress syndrome. Similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the condition centers around a trauma that has taken place, abortion. 

A psychologist can treat PASS, and a woman can find peace again with time. The best way to treat and manage these emotional complications is to find an experienced mental health professional like a counselor or therapist. They will listen to your fears and help you develop a path toward healing. 

Finding Help After Abortion

Hope and healing are possible after an abortion, and help is available to women suffering after an abortion procedure

Options Women’s Care Center can provide referrals to local and national organizations that offer resources and emotional support. Locally, Muskegon Pregnancy Services offers a one-on-one or support group sessions. This is offered in a nonjudgmental, confidential environment.

Healing may take time, but it is possible, and you deserve it!

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