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Unplanned pregnancies may come with a lot of guilt, anxiety, and fear. And if you’ve been pregnant before and already had an abortion, you may be interested in learning about other pregnancy options. 

Abortion is a significant medical decision with short-term and long-term implications. Exploring your other options—adoption, and parenting—allows you to determine whether carrying the child to term and having control over their future is the right choice for you.  

Continue reading to learn more about these pregnancy options. You deserve to be informed!

What Do I Need to Know About Adoption?

Adoption is a major life decision and should be taken seriously. While it can be a difficult and bittersweet choice, it very well may be the right one for you. Making an adoption plan allows you to know that the child is placed with a loving, supportive family and has opportunities to build a successful life. Many birth parents find that this provides comfort and peace of mind.

A lot has changed in recent years regarding adoption. Women have the ability to choose the adoption plan that fits their lifestyle and individual needs best. These plans include: 

  • Open adoption: With this plan, you can choose the adoptive family and have regular contact with the child and adoptive family. Communication could occur via letters, visits, or phone calls. This encourages strong relationships to be formed.

  • Semi-open adoption: Semi-open adoption plans allow you to communicate with the adoptive family, but all communication occurs through a third party, like an adoption attorney or agency.

  • Closed adoption: This option is best if you desire privacy. All identifying information is kept confidential, and you do not communicate with the adoptive family. Some women wish to remain anonymous, so this option may fit them well.

Options Women’s Care Center provides referrals to reputable adoption agencies and can walk you through the material, emotional, and financial assistance you may receive.

Parenting: Is It the Best Option for Me?

Make no mistake: parenting can be difficult, but support is available to help you. You’ll want to ask yourself what your preconceived notions of parenting are. Do you think it will be difficult? Do you have the financial support you need to thrive as a parent? Is a strong support system in place to guide you through difficult and happy moments?

Parenting is challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. And there are various resources that exist solely to help you through the journey. Our center refers parents to Muskegon Pregnancy Services, which offers parenting and educational resources. 

We also provide the following community referrals:

  • OB doctors/healthcare

  • Insurance/Medicaid

  • WIC

  • Housing/utility assistance

  • Food pantries/programs

  • Professional counseling

  • Early childhood programs

  • Job assistance

Pregnancy Services Available 

When you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, know there are people you can talk to. You aren’t alone. 

Our free and confidential services will help you receive the support you need. Contact us today to learn more.

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