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While there’s no way to predict with certainty how you’d feel after an abortion, some women have experienced adverse mental health effects after this procedure. Every woman is different, but if you feel pressured to abort or have mental health conditions like depression or anxiety, you may be more inclined to develop further issues. 

Adoption may be a suitable alternative for you. While it can be a heart wrenching and challenging decision, many women have benefitted emotionally from making this choice. Continue reading to learn how adoption may help you. 

How Do I Have Control Over the Adoption Process?

For some women who choose abortion, the experience can create profound feelings of loss. They may wonder what would have happened if they didn’t choose abortion and have regrets. These emotional consequences can be difficult to overcome. 

Adoption may allow you to exercise control over this aspect of your life and feel more reassured about the decision. You’ll have the opportunity to know the child, watch them grow up, and even choose the adoption family. And many women have peace of mind knowing the child is loved and cared for. 

You have options with the adoption decision. In the United States, women can choose from the following plans:

  • Open adoption: You choose the adoptive family and form a relationship with the child through regular contact. You are an active part of their life.
  • Semi-open adoption: Contact occurs with the adoptive family, but all communication is conducted through a third party, like an adoption attorney or agency. 
  • Closed adoption: If you feel uncomfortable having contact with the adoptive family or your circumstances aren’t ideal, you may choose a closed adoption. You’ll remain anonymous, and all identifying records are sealed. 

Choosing adoption is a brave and selfless decision. You deserve to have agency over the process and make the decisions that best fit your lifestyle and needs. 

Will I Have Support?

Adoption is never a journey you walk alone. A reputable adoption will guide you through every step of the process and provide support even after the adoption is finalized. You’ll never pay for any adoption services and may even be entitled to financial, material, and emotional assistance.

Options Women’s Care Center provides free, confidential services for women facing unplanned pregnancies, including adoption information. We’ll connect you to the resources you need to choose adoption and get your answers.

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